Jul 26, 2017
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Cheruthen or small honey – The story of fake

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Cheruthen or small honey

Cheruthen or small honey- The story of fake

Cheruthen or small honey is easily available and costly in Kerala. But do you know whether it is pure or fake? Now am going to tell the real story of Cheruthen, the real fact about cheruthen or small honey. Before starting that little more about the cheruthen cultivation:

1) Cheruthen cultivation is only once in a year.
2) Maximum honey from a box is range from 200 to 300gm.
3) Cheruthen honey bee can travel to collecting honey in 200-meter radius from the honey box.
4) Maximum ten honey box can place in one location, above that you will not get honey from the honey box. If you want to place more than 10 honey box you have to place 200 meters far away from the first ten boxes.
5) Cheruthen cannot cultivate on a commercial basis if you read the above points.


Most of the cheruthen or small honey are fake because it cannot cultivate on a commercial basis. More than 10 to 20 honey boxes maintaining is very difficult for farmers, so above that is something impossible. So if somebody having 10-kilogram cheruthen means he is having minimum 50 cheruthen box, which is almost impossible.


THUMB TEST: Take a drop of the honey on a toothpick and place it on top of the thumb. If it spreads around the thumb then it is not pure. Pure honey remains in the same shape for some time.
WATER TEST: Take a full glass of water and drop teaspoon honey into it. Fake or artificial honey easily spreads and dissolves. Pure honey will stay at the bottom of the glass.
FLAME TEST: Take a matchstick and dip the wood side into honey and light the stick. If it is pure it burns very slowly. But if it is fake, it will not burn due to the watery content.
VINEGAR TEST: Take a little honey in a glass and add a little water and three drops of vinegar essence into it and mix well. If the mixture turns into foamy, then it is fake honey.

Apart from this, one of the easiest ways is to ask for 20kilo cheruthen, if he is having that enough meaning that he is having fake honey… ?

The solution for this is, the jar is placed inside the small honey bee box, once bee fills the comb honey inside the jar, seal the jar and ready for the sale. So there is no human involvement or any kind of interfere in any of these activities.


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