Cucumber Farming

Cucumber Farming

Cucumber has an extraordinary significance in cardamom fruit, and in order to reduce the inflammation of the heat, same time to fight thirst for severe heat. Many people (travelers) are seen to eat cucumber on the stand. The use of cucumber in high and middle-class people is as popular as beauty, cosmetics, and so on. Cosmetic made from synthetic, chemical medicines will not be afraid of bad effects on our skin. It is time to say that in the current situation there is no summer. Many islands like ‘Keetta’ in the desert of Kutch appear to be turbulent due to the rising temperature.

Importance of Cucumber diet:

The 100 grams of cucumber crop contains the following types of nutrients.

Water – 9 6.30%, Carbohydrate – 2.50%, Proteins – 0.40%, Fat – 0.10%, Fibrous Substance – 0 40%, minerals – 0.30%, Calcium – 0.01%, Phosphorus – 0.03%, Iron – 0.002%, Vitamin C – 0.007%, Calorie (Calories) -13.

Cucumber Crop: The demand for cucumber in most of the districts and especially of big cities in Maharashtra is taken on a large scale.

Land and Climate: The cucumber crop requires light and medium diligence. If planted in light soil, the crop is ready early. During the monsoon, the soil should not be irrigated and the land should not be Plowed in the summer. The ground should be tight for a lot of cucumber production.

Cucumber enjoys warm weather. Low temperature and high humidity slow down Cucumber crop growth. Diseases and pests increase. The best atmospheric temperature is 11 d. Germination of seeds is not good if it is lower than Celsius. If the temperature is between 18 and 30 degrees Celsius, then germination of the seeds is good. Generally, the crop growth was better than 30 to 35 degrees Celsius. A lot of sunshine makes this good.

Planting season: Cucumber plantation starts in early summer in January-February and in the beginning of the monsoon in June-July. Rainy areas are planted at the beginning of winter in September-October.

1) Puna Khera: In Maharashtra, the cultivation of cucumber variety is very large. The fruits of this species are small and the color is green in color. If the delay in removing the fruit is done, the color of the fruit becomes tawny. Fruits are harvested after one and a half months after planting.

2) Hiramangi: This cucumber gives more yield than Poona Khira caste developed by Mahatma Phule Agricultural University. It has been recommended for cultivation of this type of Kharif and summer season. The fruit of this caste is white and it is 12 to 15 cm long. Fruits after harvest won’t turn yellow or brown, hence these fruits get good market prices.

3) Sheetal: Dr. Sheetal, which was developed by Balasaheb Sawant Konkan Krishi Vidyapeeth, is a good gooseberry and it has been recommended for the more rainy Konkan region. The fruit of this caste is medium length and is light green in color. These are being harvested in the Kharif season in June-July. The farmer can get up to 35-40 tons per hectare.

4) Phule Shubhangi: Mahatma Phule Agricultural University has developed hybrid and selection methods from Pinyet and Kalyanpur Agatei. More productivity, fruit color green, tasty fruits and storing green color better for a long time. Proper planting for both kharif and rabi season. It yields 23% more than snowflakes. It is 53% more than Poona Khira. The average hectare yield is 16 -18 tons and is resistant to the disease.

Hybrid Castes:

Gypsy: This is the name Namdev Umazi Agrotech Pvt. Ltd. The length of the fruit is 16 to 18 cm and the fruit is uniformly the same size. Being very productive, there are 200 to 250 hot weight fruits.

Besides, Malini, Shivneri, which is also more productive, has been liked by the consumers and hence the cultivation of these varieties is being done by most farmers.

Seed Procedure: Germinator 20ml + 250 ml Soak water for 25 to 100 g in this solution for 3 to 4 hours and let it dry in the shade. So the germination is identical in a few days. Using cold water for the cold process during cold weather is beneficial.

Planting: Cultivation of cucumber crops is done by the method of plastically or inelastic method. The crop needs more water and the weed growth also increases. Warmam method for cucumber cultivation is considered to be good. According to cucumber varieties, cucumber plantation can be used by tokens at 90 cm distance. Keep two spacing 45 cm gap. Long waist should keep a distance of 60 cm. On one side of the plate, on a side of the plate, with a weevil, at a third distance, make a small hole with a rug and cover 1 to 2 seeds in a place with a towel and cover it with a cloth. Leave the water in the dish and send it to the sides. The water level in the pond should be below the planted area.

Cooling planting: In winter, the seed won’t grow early. For this, add 25-30 ml germinator in half a liter of warm water, soak it for four hours and soak it in the shade and apply this seed to one another (zigzag method).

Fertilizers and water management: For the cucumber crop, add 6 to 8 tons of fodder and organic fertilizer @ 150 kg per acre. Fertilizer should be given around the wreath and then provide water. Fertilizer should be provided with a bracelet around the valley and then water should be provided.

If the cucumber is taken during the summer season, special care of the water has to be taken. Apply moisture before planting and then plant. Sprinkle water after planting. Give water by considering the distance of the soil, crop growth, and weather, at intervals of 5 to 7 days during the summer. Be sure to keep the water continuously.

How much water should be given, how much and when?  

Water should be given in the winter between 10 am to 2 pm. Also, in the summer between 9 am to 10 am. In the areas of Vidarbha, Marathwada, Khandesh within 9 am. Water should be given at an interval of eight days in winter.  


1) Red Roasted: Red granules eat poorly while pancakes. After the germination of seeds, the nuisance of this pest begins. This pest comes on all cucumber crops. The accounts of the pungent part of the pest is leaves.

2) With fruit: It is an important insect with fruit and has a very big loss of cucumber crops. While fruits are small, they lay eggs under the fruit tree. The larvae fall out of these eggs. These larvae feed into the fruit, tr causes fruit decay.

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1) Bhuri: Bhuri is caused by fungus. If the disease is infected, white stains on the leaves and fruit, due to which the growth of the crop decreases, the fruits do not grow. Decreasing production Cucumber suffers from large amounts of crop Bhureyak. As a precautionary measure, for the treatment of Dr. Bavaskar Technologies, sprouting from the beginning should be done.

2) Kawada: The Kewada disease increases in humid weather. After the disorder of this disease, yellowish stains occur on the lower part of the cucumber. The leaves fall due to the complete effect. 

3) Karpah: Due to this coronary diseases, leaves become reddish-brown and dry. This disease occurs if the humidity of the air increases after the rain in the summer.

‘Karpa’ Disease: Since cucumber is a vulnerability crop, the growth of the valley is spread over the surface and the leaves are hairy because the vapors produced after cold weather, fog and water are rapidly attracting these parts and the possibility of ‘Karpa’ is increased. Therefore, the pesticide need to be sprayed from time to time.

Cucumber Farming

Harvesting: It is important to fix cucumber harvesting at the right time. The use of cucumber is high for salad, and for the cucumber moss. The best quality cucumber rate can be available for wholesale up to 8 to 20 rupees per kg in the big market.In the summer, cucumber has higher morbidity. Certainly there is more price in the market. Many farmers have experienced this price change.

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