Jul 26, 2017
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Once upon a time, Cyclone

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Some years back “a cyclone is going to hit Indian costal state” called Orissa was the main news for CNN and fox news. They keep on telling that wind speed around 300 to 400 kilometers per hour going to hit Orissa. So the all world was looking towards India. And American meteorological department officially declared this and their foreign ministry warn to US citizen not to go that area. In India, most of our media are follow those news reels and they make to panic everybody, moreover they exaggerated about after cyclone hit. And media people are running behind the Indian meteorological officials. They told them there is nothing for a emergency meeting, as per the regular schedule we will meet the press today evening 6:00pm.
At six, Indian meteorological department brief to the media that 175 kilometer speed wind will going to hit the coastal villages of Orissa and while hitting its speed will be 125kilometer per hour. And they explain the route which going to hit and moving the direction too, most of the people evacuated from those areas, so no need to worry. After the briefing, Indian journalists are asking to the official that the news channels like CNN and FOX are telling that it will be 300 to 400 speed and more than 1000 people will die after the cyclone. Indian official told that, they are talking something about the tornado or something which going to hit in their country, it is not our. “What ever I told that will be the speed and nothing more than or nothing
less than” Indian official said. The next day cyclone hit Orissa in the right time and the speed was 125kilometer and it passes through the exact direction which Indian official told.


For this only I wrote the above incident, in US 62% people is directly or indirectly using coconut oil in their daily life. AHA, if Americans are not using domestic soybean and corn oil, this is not the way to
spread fake news related to coconut oil. You should promote your products and convince the localities about the local products. My grandfather was using coconut oil till his death at 89 years old. He was having any kind of health issues. My grandmother was using coconut oil till her death at 92 year old. She was having any kind of health problems. My uncle is 98 year old now and no health issues till now because of using coconut oil. My father is using coconut oil till now, he is at 76 year old now. He is having no
problem till now. Our forefathers, neighbors, relatives, friends and children, all are using the same
coconut oil from long back and till now, we never have any health problems till now for using it. American Heart Association may find the health problems which they cultivate the coconut in their country not here.
Only thing to take care about whether the coconut oil is original or just a chemical mix. For this, buy dry coconut(copra) and extract oil from the local mill or buy oil from the organic farmers.

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