Dec 21, 2017
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Things to remember while Hatching Discus Fry.

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Most of the Aquarium owners will allow the discuss fish to hatch themselves, without interfering. But my dear friend Mr. Devid uses a different method to do it. Once the Discuss parents have spawned, leave the eggs a couple of hours, and he removes them to another container.

The eggs then place into a little tank filled with water from the other tank, it must be heated to the same temperature. You can use a few drops of methyl blue to prevent egg fungus. They will then eat their yolk sacks and become ready for free swimming.

Feeding the Fry

Once they are free-swimming they should be fed a liquid fry food and rotifers and then in a couple of days newly hatched brine shrimp and powder food. Feed them 4 or five times a day. Change 50% of the water every day and make sure the perimeters are the same.

Discuss eggs takes 3 to 4 days to hatch depending upon the temperature. The young will be placed, by the parents, on a different place of the Aquarium, until they can swim. After 48 – 60 hours, the first young will already swim free. At this moment, a large deposit of skin excretion is formed on the parents. Quickly after the first strokes, the young fish will swim in the direction of the parents, to eat the skin excretion. This excretion is the only food the young fish will eat for next few days.

Where to get a good pair ?

The best thing to do to obtain a good breeding pair is buying young discus from many different outlets and placing the group in a large tank and grow them on until they have paired off themselves. A pair will take over a spawning site and no other discus will be able to get anywhere near.

Some discus fry sometimes has difficulty attaching to their parents. Because of the yoke sack, some discuss fish color will dime. By increasing the brightness of the surrounding this problem can be solved. You can cover a few sides of the aquarium with white paper to increase the brightness.

After the first week, while the discus fry is freeing from their parents, you can feed them by sinking catfish tablets. Newly hatched brine shrimp is the best first food for discus. As long as you keep the parents well-fed and you perform frequent water changes to keep the water healthy, your job is done.

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Give a break

When you feed the fry, their parents get time to rest for a few mins. You want to start with very small amounts of shrimp; otherwise, your water will become contaminated. The babies will still eat from the side of their parents for at least another two or three weeks.

Even though discus fish know how to care for their fry, parents will sometimes fight. It can cause damage to the fry. You can separate the fish by a divider or move one of the parents to another container. The netted divider will separate the adults and the fry can move through it if they want to feed off of both parents.

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