Mar 31, 2019
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How to choose an Egg Hatching Machine ?

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How to choose an Egg Hatching Machine ?

Egg Hatching Machines artificially provide an egg with correct environmental conditions to grow and hatch a chick. Now, Incubator is available in different types which make it difficult for the buyers to choose the right one. Some are still air type while others are fan-assisted. Even, available are manual, semi-automatic and automatic Egg Hatching Machines. So, it is very important to consider some important factors before purchasing Egg Hatching Machines. Given below are some of the points that will help you in your buying.

Choosing Egg Hatching Machines

  • Capacity- The first consideration is the capacity of the Machines. Usually, incubators have fixed size trays that can hold about 50 to 60 eggs. So, make sure that the chosen Egg Hatching Machines are up to your requirements as there are many hen breeds which can lay around 60 to 70 eggs in a day.

  • Still air Or Fan-Assisted – In the Still Air Egg Hatching Machines, the air is circulated by the convention which makes it difficult to maintain a certain temperature. This can result in poorer hatching rates. Comparatively, fan-assisted Hatching Machines have a greater success rate.

  • Operating system – Egg Hatching Machines are available in manual, semi-automatic and automatic turning types. Manual Egg Hatching Machines are more popular as they are cheaper but they require turning the eggs individually by hand. In the Semi-automatic Egg Hatching Machines, eggs are turned by external control. Automatic Egg Turning Machines are little costlier but they turn the eggs automatically throughout the day.

It is important to choose the right kind of incubator if you are going for artificial incubation. A Chicken Egg Incubator artificially provides an egg with correct environmental conditions for the growth and hatching of a chick. There are a lot of varieties which are available in the market, therefore, it is necessary to have prior knowledge about the Chicken Egg Incubators so that you can make the right choice.

  • Check whether the Chicken Egg Incubator is the fan-assisted or still-air type. In Still-Air incubators, it is difficult to establish correct hatching and incubation temperature. The air in still air egg incubators circulates by convection. The warm air displaces the colder air whenever it rises in incubator resulting in poor hatch rate. Fan-assisted Chicken Egg Incubator is an alternative to Still-Air Egg Incubators, in which air is forced over the eggs and throughout the incubator by means of a fan. They are also more popular than the Still –Air Incubators due to their increased rate of success. Larger cabinet incubators must be fan-assisted because of the volume of warm air needed by the egg.
  • Three main types of incubators available are: Fully Automatic Chicken Egg Incubator, Semi-Automatic Chicken Egg Incubator, and Manual Chicken Egg Incubator. Manual Chicken Egg Incubators are a popular choice as they are cheaper than the other two types. They require manual handling of eggs. In semi-automatic incubators, a whole set of eggs can be turned at the same time with the help of a lever. In Automatic Chicken Egg Incubators, eggs are turned automatically throughout the day. Select a type of Chicken Egg Incubator which suits your needs best.
  • Correct incubation temperature which is required throughout the incubation period is dependent upon the thermostat of the incubator. Modern thermostats are more accurate the traditional thermostats and therefore prove to be a more profitable investment.

Health Benefits Of Eggs

Think of Eggs & the first thing that will come to your mind would be the delicious recipes made from eggs that you have had over the years. Omelets, Egg Rolls, Scrambled Eggs, Egg Sizzlers, etc. – there are many other egg dishes which are popular all across the world. Though there are many types of eggs which are consumed by humans, but the most popular type, undoubtedly, is the Hen Eggs. Hen eggs not only make for the most delectable food for filling the belly but these are also very nutritious and have many health benefits.

Health benefits of Eggs – At A Glance

  • As the latest studies, it has been found that people who consume Eggs as a part of their breakfast diet feel less hungry in the course of the day. Even having a single egg can reduce calorie intake by a considerable amount.
  • Often people consume cholesterol via fats from wrong sources such as junk food and vegetable oils. These are not ideal sources. Our body is always in the need of the right amount of cholesterol level and eggs are the right source for gaining cholesterol.
  • The yolk of the egg (the yellow part) is the most nutritious part of the eggs. It contains a profuse amount of fats. A few years back eggs somehow gained notoriety for being too fatty and were strictly avoided by the fitness freak masses and many started preferring eating white eggs. But soon health enthusiasts realized the health hazards of abstaining from yellow eggs, and yolk regained its lost glory in nutrients foods.
  • Eggs have a lot of nutrients such as proteins, vitamins, vitamin A, potassium, vitamin B, biotin, and choline. These nutrients help in strengthening the nerves and the brain.

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