Apr 7, 2019
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Goat Farming Basics

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Goats are among the most widely tamed pets and a lot of people keep them as they are a great investment. The most important reason for people buying Goats is- Goat Milk and Goat Meat. In many countries, the most important daily staples are meat and milk. For some people, getting cashmere wool can also be the reason for the business point of view. That is the reason why Goat Farming is gaining popularity at a very swift rate.

Goat Farming Basics

  • Goats breed between August and March. They are ready to breed when they are 7 months old, but the best age is 10-12 months. For milking, Goats should be a year old at least.

  • Farming of both- Milk Goats and Meat Goats, is the same. Both require raising in the same way. Meat goats are considered a more profitable investment than milk goats. This is because; milk can also be obtained from Meat Goats. Thus, a meat goat owner gets more profits as he can avail double benefits.

  • For Goat Farming, safe fencing should be installed around the area where the goats are being kept. They should be safe at all times. Clean water and food should be made available to them regularly. They can be allowed to graze or given hay and grain. They should be provided enough space and shelter, where they can play around freely.

Breeding Goats What You Should Know?

A substantial amount of efforts and considerations has to be exerted into Raising Goats and still, there is no fail-safe formula for success. Raising Goats simply calls for time, commitment and knowledge. Whether you have decided to Raise Goats as a part of a business venture or as a hobby, bear in mind that you cannot be laid-back. Your dedication and the amount of time and effort that you’ll exert can bring you fruitful results. Read on to know more.

  • First of all, check that the doe is breeding quality. To ensure the same, you will have to evaluate her overall bloodlines, corroboration, temperament, and show record.
  • Choose a buck to breed with the doe. Select the buck whose corroboration and temperament can match the doe’s best qualities and help improve her weakness. Also, the buck has to be the same breed as the doe.
  • There are two methods that you can choose for breeding the goat – natural breeding and non-natural insemination. As compared to artificial breeding, Natural breeding is cheaper and reliable too.
  • Enforce good herd management practices to make sure that the doe stays healthy and fit before breeding. Also, ensure a diet of wholesome grain for the goats. Along with the food, make sure that they are regularly de-wormed as well as trimmed when required.
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