Nov 4, 2017
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Foods for Guppy Fry

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Guppy Fish

The first thing to remember after you hatch Guppies, since the young fish are likely to get eaten by older fish. Well-fed adults do not often eat their own young, although sometimes safe zones are required for the fry. Specially designed livebearer birthing tanks, which can be suspended inside the aquarium, are available from aquatic retailers. These also serve to shield the pregnant female from further attention from the males. Which is important because the males sometimes attack the females while they are giving birth. It also provides a separate area for the newborn young as protection from being eaten by their mother.

Learn how to install a birthing tank in your aquarium.


The first two weeks after birth, the Arthym larva can be fed to the Guppy Fry.  Make sure the availability of Arthym eggs in a nearby aquarium shop. Arthym, or Brine shrimp, is a youngster in the crustacean of the ocean. Adult Arthym, The larvae can be hatched in salt water by putting the Cyst.  

Give Arthym larvae 5-6 times a day for fancy guppy fry using a filler.

Even though the larvae live for hours in fresh water, they will affect the tank water quality. If the Arthym eggs are not available, then the yolk of a boiled egg can be sprinkled with water and given to guppy fry. The yolk of a boiled egg is Meat rich and can easily contaminate the water, so while using them, cephen 15-20% of water in the aquarium at least once a day.

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Daphnia is organic biomass which is abundant in the presence of sunlight In fishless ponds,   

They are collected using a net, separate it according to size, Can be fed to guppies over two weeks age. Big guppies will eat large Daphne.

mosquito larvae

Mosquito larva

The mosquito larva is another nutritious food which grows in standing water. By feeding the disease-carrying mosquito larva’s to guppies, Contagious contagion can be controlled up to a certain degree.


Tubifex worms which grow in Sewers and Plankton rich red Chironomus larva, which makes tubes in fresh water, Known as Bloodworms are a favorite food for guppy fry.

From the third week in addition to living foods, dried fish can be fed in fine powder form. Every week, Cucumber cooked for 1 minute In boiling water should be added to the tank. After one and half week, grow male and female fishes separately.You can reduce the feeding to twice in a day. But for the breeding fish, you should feed thrice.

The living feeds, such as Tubifex, bloodworms, Daphne, mosquito larva, should be given at least twice in a week. 

Should keep Aquariums inside the room and provide artificial tube light to grow beautiful fishes with attractive colors and large tails. Be sure to keep the water quality in the tank sustainable. Ammonia, nitrite these things should not be in the aquarium. Note that the nitrate level should be always below 10 ppm. Nitrogen bacteria grow well in Sponge filters and that is the best choice for fancy gappy tanks.

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