Aug 1, 2017
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How to relocate small bee colony ?

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We can see a lot of small bee nests in our surroundings. But a large percentage of small bees make their colony in places where no one can catch them. From such colonies, the Queen and swarms can be moved to another cage, including eggs. The box that is placed called trap hive. We are not talking about the regular honey bee.

Let’s move the Small Bee colony to the new home.

Place the one-and-a-half-inch transparent tube (level hose) approximately to the entrance of the small bee hive. In places where the tube is difficult to fix, it is possible to place a small funnel and then tube into the funnel. After that close the gaps with clay or cement or Wax. Make a hole in the box that is placed at the other end of the tube and extend the tube at least one inch inside. All this is best to do after six o’clock in the evening. The box should place in a way, it shouldn’t get direct sunlight, rain and should be away from ants.

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 In such a case, the small bees will be compelled to move inside the tube and begin to descend at the box to use the entrance. With periods of time, the flies will extend the hive. Within a few months, the bees start collecting the honey and start to stay in the new place. Eventually,  the Queen begins to lay eggs. Normally, over a period of six months or more, this entire process takes place.

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Limited space in the first place forces the queen to come out and lay eggs in a new place. Therefore, it is not possible to tell how long it will start to lay eggs inside the new hive. Once the queen starts laying eggs, we can separate the new nest from the old one.

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