Jul 26, 2017
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How to use Honey ?

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Simple ways to reduce weight

There are simple ways to reduce weight in a short period. Though fasting and short-term exercises can make some kind of differences, they will not yield desired results. However, a combination of fasting, exercises and consuming weight-reducing natural supplements such as green tea, green coffee, birds eye chili or honey with lemon can do wonders in reducing weight.

Honey is the best medicine for weight loss. But this pattern should be regular and should be followed at least for three months. The process of weight loss varies from man to woman. The former can shed weight easily compared with the latter. It is because of the hormone differences. But no doubt, they too, can…

Control food:

The first step starts with food. You can find the Seven-Day Diet, Banana Diet and other diets from the Internet. However, the most effective, powerful and popular diet is the 13 Days GM Diet. The fruits and meat items, instructed in the GM Diet, are easy to get from supermarkets and other shops. And instead of Solomon fish, you can have tuna fish because of the former costs around Rs 1,000. Before starting this GM Diet, you should adjust in your food intake. Even if you eat three times, the quantity should be less.


Exercise has a major role in cutting weight.  Forty-five minutes to one hour should be devoted daily for exercises to get the required changes. Always exercise for 10 minutes, then rest for five minutes. More you involve in exercises, better results you get.

Natural supplements:

There are so many products in the market to reduce weight. But most of them have also some sort of side-effects to the body. Natural organic items can do wonders in weight loss.

How to reduce belly fat using honey and lemon?

One teaspoon pure honey with one teaspoon lemon will show drastic changes in weight loss and in curbing cholesterol. Do it every day. Instead of regular tea, go for green tea or green coffee once in a day. Add bird eye chili pickle to your meal. And see the results quickly.

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