Jul 26, 2017
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How to identify fake honey ?

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Fake honey test

It is a common problem to identify pure honey and fake. Pure honey is extracted from bees, who collect it from different places and sources. In some cases, the distance can be kilometers away. It is a gift of nature – pure at its best.
Whereas fake honey is a mixture of chemicals like starch, glucose, flour powder and color. This synthetic honey is very much similar to the real honey. It is difficult to differentiate. Nowadays most of the shops are selling adulterated, synthetic honey.

Even famous Baba’s stores resort to this practice. So, to be on the safer side, it is better to buy honey from farmers.
Checking the purity from an authorized lab is a time-consuming affair and will have to shell out more money for this. However, there is a simple method to check honey’s purity at home itself.


THUMB TEST: Take a drop of the honey on a toothpick and place it on top of the thumb. If it spreads around the thumb then it is not pure. Pure honey remains in the same shape for some time.

WATER TEST: Take a full glass of water and drop a teaspoon honey into it. Adulterated or artificial honey easily spreads and dissolves. Pure honey will stay in the bottom of the glass.

FLAME TEST: Take a matchstick and dip the wood side into honey and light the stick. If it is pure it burn very slowly. But if it is fake, it will not burn due to the watery content.

VINEGAR TEST: Take a little honey in a glass and add a little water and three drops of vinegar essence into it and mix well. If the mixture turns into foamy, then it is fake honey.

The best way to buy the honey is from bee farmers. It is a good bargain and support to them.

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