Jul 26, 2017
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Medical Tourism in Keralam

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Keralam qualifies your Medical Tourism Needs. Kerala doctors and hospitals have been taking care of patients from all across the globe. Ayurvedic treatment is one of Kerala’s pride today. Our hospitals provide care for patients from more than 20 countries every year. World-renowned physicians perform life-saving medical procedures at the hospital for an international patient, rated among the best in the world. An international patient can concentrate on recovery while others worry about everything else.
Kerala has put together an enormous amount of effort to help international patients along with public and private sector to schedule appointments, get cost estimates and get insurance or government treatment approval. For making the medical tourism procedure an easy process, there are a huge number of cheap service providers.
All of this combined with the region’s convenient natural beautiful habitat, world-famous hospitality culture and unparalleled historical, cultural significance and comparatively cost effective treatments has made the state a logical choice for many individuals probing the best medical tourism for minor and major care, outside of their home country.
Medical tourism refers to people traveling to a country for their own or others to obtain medical treatment. In recent years it becomes common for medical tourists to travel from developed countries to third-world countries for lower priced medical treatments. Medical tourism is a growing sector in India. India is becoming the 2nd medical tourism destination after Thailand. Chennai is regarded as “India’s Health City” as it attracts 45% of health tourists visiting India and 40% of domestic health tourists. Below given are the list of few well-known hospitals in Kerala and don’t forget to check out our Medical Tourist’s resort lists.

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