Jul 25, 2017
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How to personalize the buyer experience with sales and marketing?

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There are a number of ways to personalize the buyer experience for prospective customers, but two keys are your website and organizational alignment and understanding. Let’s break each of those down…

Website Personalization:

There are a number of companies that offer digital personalization capabilities Personalizing the experience of your website using techniques such as geo-location, behavior, customer value, browser type, device type, and more allows you to place relevant items and information in front of the visitor at the right time.  For example if a visitor comes to your ecommerce site during the autumn in the evening from Boston, MA, then maybe you want to show them warm sweaters and jackets right on the homepage – and also tie-in a way to show them proximity to the closest retail store.  Although this example uses two of the basic concepts of personalization/targeting they give a glimpse at the power behind this technology.  The key here is to test and optimize for segments of your prospects while offering them continually improving personalized website experiences.

Also, I would add to Megan Neely list that personalization can also utilize the following attributes: (check with your solution provider – not all have the same functionality)

  • Behavior
  • Mobile device properties (i.e. touchscreen or non-touchscreen)
  • Mobile device type (iPhone / Android / Blackberry, etc)
  • Table type & browser
  • Geo-location (State / Region, City, Zip Code, Media Market)
  • Language

Organizational Alignment:

If an optimization program within marketing is being run that offers current customers a special discount incentive for renewing their recurring service early, Sales should be brought into this process early on and at the very least be aware that this incentive will be live on the website and the details of how customers can obtain the incentive.

Sales and Marketing alignment is a separate topic that there are already a good number of materials available for, but generally speaking the more aligned these teams are, the easier it is to offer a fully personalized experience to prospects or current customers.

Write a custom application to improve prospecting.
Write a half-page flyer and give to the reception desk at prospect’s office.
It asks if the business has this particular problem. This lets us avoid wasting time of people who are not ready to buy.
On that handbill is a website URL and a unique code that is hand written, while given the flyer to that person. You should flag that code with a NAICS code on tablet before leaving the premises. Take a picture of the business address and attach it to that record. Have some industry-specific messaging on some of these flyers for common industries. Also have a special phone number on it.

When the prospect goes to that website, who enters that code and sees personalized content relevant to their specific industry. Store that code as a cookie so they don’t have to enter it again from computer or phone.

Entering the code changes the customer’s prospect status in sales funnel. At this point, we will have the prospect’s information entered as a lead into my CRM tagged with that unique code. Don’t waste time on transcribing contact info for prospects who are not ready to buy and did not ask to follow up with them, although we do this for prospects who willingly give their business cards.

Have your phone number prominently displayed on my sales website. That phone number is a tracking phone number in the prospect’s local area code. This gives them the impression that we are a local company and lets me drive through markets quickly. Here is how you set that up: Twilio Labs (just use the call forward twimlet)

Have a mobile-optimized website that hosts a pre-recorded video demo as well.

Should the prospect opt-in to receive marketing email from us, They will automatically be signed up for an industry-specific mailing list. Use MailChimp (product) for that. You can have up to 2000 customers per account for free with unlimited list segmentation. There is no limit how many accounts you can have. 😉

Dentists will receive case studies about other dentists, for example. The same is true for plumbers, lawyers, masseuses and so on.

We should be very lucky and run into someone ready to buy right now, show them a quick demo specific to their industry. Then setup a free trial account on the spot and text them the link to get your app.

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