Different Pig Breeds


Pigs are omnivorous animals. These animals survive by eating flowers, fruits, grass, and leaves, etc. Inbreeding farms, these are given soybean and corn as feed. These are domesticated for the purpose of meat and for other commercial uses such as leather.

Due to the commercial advantages, large numbers of farmers like to rear pigs in their breed farms. Farmers are also picky about the breed of the pigs. In the U.S and other markets, there are mainly two main breeds that are very popular, one is maternal breed and other is terminal breed. Maternal breeds include Chester White, Landrace, and Yorkshire. The terminal breed includes Berkshire, Hampshire, Spot, Pietrain, Poland China, Duroc.

Berkshire: This breed of pigs has short heads with upright ears, and the pigs are medium-sized. Their origin has been traced back to Berkshire County, England. These are black pigs and have white feet and some pigs also have white faces.

Chester White: These pigs are white in color and have large bodies. This breed of pigs originated in Chester and Delaware Counties in Pennsylvania.

Duroc: Duroc pigs have skin color varying from golden yellow to dark red. Their sagging ears also differentiate them from other pigs. These pigs are famous for giving a reasonably good quantity of milk. Duroc pigs originated in New York.

Yorkshire: Yorkshire pigs originated in England in the County of York and have very small noses. These are white in color with freckles spread willy-nilly.

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