Reduce Weight with Malabar Tamarind

malabar tamarind

Recently an unknown fruit called Malabar tamarind was famous in foreign media are talking about the medical advantages of it, including its capacity to help weight reduction, stress reduction, battle with depression, bring down cholesterol, control glucose, increment digestion and lift vitality levels
and much more.
Garcinia cambogia is the scientific name but commonly it famous as Malabar tamarind. The fruit is like a little pumpkin, and is ordinarily light green or yellowish in shading. Mostly it is available in Southeast Asia, mainly in southern part of India and it is used for fish curries in south India and other dishes in various Asian nations. Very recently scientist are invented the efficiency of weight loss, it become an international brand. Celebrities like Aishwarya rai used this to reduce her weight after the post- pregnancy. Before knowing the medical advantages of this fruit was unknown to the western world. But now it is one of the fastest selling products across the world and slowly available everywhere.


Because of its frequent demand; some are selling the waste of Malabar tamarind after extracting the oil. And selling in low prices. So before buying it, make sure that it is fresh and organic. We should buy from the organic farmers who are cultivating this fruit for years and preparing in the traditional way.