Jul 26, 2017
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Things to remember on Medical Tourism in Kerala

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Kerala Tourism
Kerala, the beautiful Southern State of India, is a tourists’ paradise. Kerala as one of the top three tourism destinations in the world one of the fifty “must see” places in the world. Ideally suited for medical tourism because of its moderate weather throughout the year advanced hospitals with world class facilities. Renowned doctors specialized in major disciplines, trained Para medical staff and technicians, and International connectivity. Health tourism was one among the 10 key areas that former Indian President A P J Abdul Kalam suggested to develop Kerala. Kerala has strongly focused on Ayurveda and its wide
array of treatments and medications, world class facilities are also available in other traditional forms of medicine as well as in modern medical treatment.
Specialty hospitals in Kerala are at the forefront of medical tourism. Kerala has a reputation for being a cost effective destination for modern medicine and Ayurveda. The lengthy coastal belt, geographical location, backwaters, large number of beaches, serene hillocks, moderate climate throughout the year and a highly literate population are among the attractions. Kerala tourism is marketing several Ayurveda & health packages got tremendous potential to boom in the medical tourism arena.

Treatment cost saving

Treatment cost saving is the reason why patients avail medical tourism in Kerala. Indian hospitals offer low treatment cost for various surgeries at different standard hospitals in India. Different hospitals in Kerala seem to offer surgeries at cheap cost and reliable services. The standard of treatment procedures at different Indian hospitals are at per to the international standards. So, the patients can ensure best treatment facility in Indian hospitals.


Although there are countless advantages and benefits to medical tourism, there are also a few disadvantages, dangers, and concerns of which one should be aware of. Though receive personalized attention, quality health care, convenience, affordable pricing, and a chance to experience a new culture
occasionally sacrifice familiarity and certain legal guarantees.
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