Mar 15, 2018
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Things to know before buying Arowana fish

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Arowana fish are considered as good luck…

because of its similarity with Chinese Dragons. People who buy Arowana fish have to foresee the future size of the fish and create the Aquarium according to that. This fish can really grow, not the size but the length. They can grow up to 2 feet. So that is lucky indeed. Many fishkeepers consider Arowana as the ultimate fish. One fish to add to their collections.

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Arowana fish becomes very tame in the tank and becomes a very precious pet for many people. Moreover, their markings are beautiful. Slow-moving waterways are the natural habitat of the fish.

Their easy prays are :

Adult Arowana fish will eat any frogs,

Other fish small enough for them to swallow,

Any insects that land on the water surface,

You can feed them small goldfish, or similar kind.

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They tend to search at surface level for prays like this. Arowana’s often aggressive with the potential of rapid growth. They mark their territories and don’t appreciate any sort of infringement on it, becoming really aggravated if a breach were to occur. This can also become a problem once you, their caregiver – try and put your hand into the aquarium to clean.

“It is expensive”

Known as one of the most exotic and expensive fish you will find in a tank. This species is definitely not suited for those who are just starting out with the aquarium hobby, you need more experience with fish or there is a chance to lose a good amount of money.

Arowanas require a great amount of care and are a huge investment. Considering the fact that they may live up to twenty years, it is a long-term commitment for the keeper.

The first thing you will notice when you take a look at an Arowana is that they can get very long. Some of them reaching up to 36 inches. This means that if you want to keep an Arowana, you will have to ensure that it is accommodated in a large aquarium of at least 180 gallons by the time it’s fully grown.

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