What is Amrut Jal ? How to make it ?

Small FarmingWhat is Amrut Jal ?

This is a solution in which the number and diversity of anaerobic micro-organisms are very high. The chemical elements present in it make the soil fertile and the micro-organisms increase the chemical and physical qualities of the soil. Micro-organisms present in it perform the following actions:

• Convert the nutritious elements in the soil to a form that can be taken in by the feeder roots • You can prepare hummus (manure) from organic materials (leaves, bark, etc.).

• Make the soil fertile  (It’s called Amrit Soil)

Ingredients used in Amrit Water

Fresh cow dung of Indian breed cow – 1 kg
The urine of Indian breed cow (Older the better) – 1 liter
Organic Black Jaggery – 50 gms (can be substituted with 2 glasses of sugarcane juice or six overripe bananas)
Water – 10 liters

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How to make Amrit Jal ?

In a plastic or wooden bucket mix the jaggery with some water or urine to liquefy it. The jaggery serves as the food, which the microbes will eat and multiply.
Mix in the cow dung and urine. Use a wooden stick to do the mixing. Alternatively, plastic can be used. But do not use any metal to do the mixing. Cow dung contains a different type of beneficial microbes. Cow urine contains microbes which help in photosynthesis. It also makes the food more palatable for the microbes.
While doing the mixing stir slowly in one direction. If you stir too violently then you’ll be killing the microbes.
Add in the water, cover the container with a piece of cloth or any other loose cover and leave it to ferment. Make sure that the cover is not airtight.

Avoid exposure to direct sunlight and rain. Stir the solution 12 times in both clockwise and anticlockwise direction using wooden stick three times a day. This helps in distributing the microbes uniformly in the solution. Why 12 times? Well answer to that I really don’t know. But since the recipe calls for it lets stick to it. From the second day onward you’ll see that the fermentation process has started. On the fourth day, the microbial activity reaches its peak. And that is when Amrut Jal is used. On the fourth day for every liter of the fermented solution add ten liters of water and Amrut Jal is ready to be used.

How to use Amrut Jal ?

It will be best to use Amrut Jal on the fourth day for watering the plants. However, we also can use it on 3rd and 5th days. Use it for almost all gardening activities. They are

Like :

  1. Watering the plants using Amrut Jal on a weekly basis keeps the soil alive and rich in nutrients.
  2. Spraying filtered Amrut jal once a week or once a fortnight helps in lowering the chance of pest infestation. It is also an excellent foliar spray.
  3. Seed treatment using Amrut jal by soaking for 24 hours before sowing them helps in better germination rate and stronger plant.
  4. Root treatment of saplings for 30 minutes before planting them helps develop a stronger and more disease-resistant plant.
  5. Dried leaves or dried sugar cane bagasse is soaked in Amrut Jal and then use as mulch for plants.

Read about How to make Amrit Soil ? “. One of the main use of Amrit Jal is to make Nectar Soil.  Get home garden ingredients from Online. Reference: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Roof_garden

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